Summit Meeting - 2019 - the tallest men’s week-end

14 juni 2019

Every year since 2015, Gilles Campion, The Talltale Agency and a passionate team have been helping the tallest men (over 7ft2 / 2.18 metres) in the world to gather together with Brahim Takioullah (8ft1) , Abdramane Dembele (7ft8) et Arshavir Grigoryan (7ft7.4). Four years ago, 15 of the tallest people in the world met each other at Park Saint Paul along with Sultan Kosen (8ft3) (the tallest man in the world). After this first successful event, outings and weekend have been organised in Germany, Holland and Paris. These events allow people who are very unique in their own country to meet people from other countries who have their great height in common as well as common interests and challenges. Therefore, it is interesting for them to talk with each other about their lives and to look another person right in the eyes perhaps for the first time in their lives.

This year, we would like to propose a get-together for tall people (over 2.18 metres) on the 14th, 15th, and 16th of June in Paris and Park Saint Paul. There will be a tour of Paris and a night at the Cabaret. Entertainment and informal discussions will continue on Saturday and Sunday at Park Saint Paul.

Long Tall Sally

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